Maureene Timken, LCDC, CEDS

Maureene believes multiple factors are responsible for a successful outcome in the treatment of eating disorders.

Education in these different factors is essential. They include family attitudes, personality traits, personal expectations, myths acquired from our culture, peer and family input, and habits unknown to the individual.

Therapy is provided in an attentive, supportive manner free of rigidity and criticism without sacrificing directness or honesty. Maureene's personal style includes the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy, family systems and interpersonal dynamics.

Drug and alcohol dependency may be associated with eating disorders, and Maureene is trained to diagnose and treat these addictions. Addictions are not limited to drug and alcohol and may include gambling, sexual behavior, shoplifting, and compulsive internet behaviors.

The overwhelming desire to eat large amounts of food is very hard to understand.  It is not about hunger; it is about emotions and a feeling of emptiness.  - read more

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Maureene Timken

Maureene Timken is a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist (CEDS).

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She is also a member of the Texas Association of Addiction Counselors, the National Organization of Addiction Professionals, and the International Organization of Eating Disorder Professionals.

Maureene is licensed by the state of Texas to practice as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC).

She has 25 years of practice in the mental health field, including 2 years of internship at Charter Hospital. Maureene has been in private practice for 15 years.

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